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Welding Pathway

ACHS offers one CTAE Career Pathway in Welding. Any student who completes the three courses in this pathway will be recognized as a Georgia Career Pathway Completer.

Welding Career Pathway

Course 1: Industry Fundamentals and Occupational Safety (46.54500)

Course 2: Introduction to Metals (48.58100)

Course 3: Welding I (48.55100)

What will I learn from this Career Pathway?

  • A knowledge of tools, safety procedures, and good work ethics.
  • How to safely operate oxyfuel and shield metal arc welding equipment.
  • How to perform common welding task such as: creating accurate cuts and performing washing and gouging procedures, checking welding codes and reviewing work pieces, imperfections, common test methods, and evaluating proper work and equipment setups.

What are some careers that this pathway will help prepare me for?

  • Welders
  • Cutters
  • Welder Fitters
  • Boilermakers
  • Sheet Metal Worker

***This pathway will help any student with an interest in Welding develop a good knowledge base.

What CTSO is associated with this pathway?

Skills USA