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Marketing, Sales, and Services

ACHS offers one CTAE Career Pathway in Marketing Communications and Promotions. Any student who completes the three courses in this pathway will be recognized as a Georgia Career Pathway Completer.

Marketing Management Pathway

Course 1: Marketing Principles (08.47400)

Course 2: Marketing and Entrepreneurship (08.44100)

Course 3: Marketing Management (08.44200)

What will I learn from this Career Pathway?

  • You will learn entrepreneurial and marketing skills that are essential to operating and managing a profitable business. 
  • You will learn to make money for your business through marketing activities such as selling, advertising, research, pricing, and product management.

What are some careers that this pathway will help prepare me for?

  • Entrepreneur / Small Business Owner
  • Business Management
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Finance

***This pathway will help any student with an interest in Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship and other business-related fields develop a good knowledge base.

What CTSO is associated with this pathway?