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Audio Video Technology and Film

ACHS offers one CTAE Career Pathway in Audio Video Technology and Film. Any student who completes the three courses in this pathway will be recognized as a Georgia Career Pathway Completer.

Also beginning this school year, new students who begin course one in this pathway will begin the process of being trained to use current industry standard software (Adobe Premiere Pro). At the end of course three, students will sit for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Adobe Premiere Pro industry certification exam. This certification is a real industry credential for a software program that is used in the actual workplace. ACA certification increases a student’s employability in the field of Audio Video Technology and Film.

Audio-Video Technology and Film Career Pathway

Course 1: Audio-Video Technology & Film I (10.51810)

Course 2: Audio-Video Technology & Film II (10.51910)

Course 3: Audio-Video Technology & Film III (10.52010)

What will I learn from this Career Pathway?

  • How to use industry standard software (Adobe Premiere Pro) to edit and produce finished Audio and Video products.
  • How to set-up, operate, troubleshoot, and/or repair audiovisual equipment.
  • How to create presentations of sound, video, and data in a variety of formats, gather information, prepare broadcasts, build sets, and operate sound mixing and video editing equipment.

What are some careers that this pathway will help prepare me for?

  • Audio & Video Equipment Technician
  • Broadcast News Analyst
  • Radio & TV Announcer
  • Audio Video Editor
  • Camera Operator

***This pathway will help any student with an interest in any the growing Georgia field of Audio Video Technology and Film Culinary develop a good knowledge base.

What CTSO is associated with this pathway?